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Thread: Met an interesting fella yesterday...

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    Default Met an interesting fella yesterday...

    Wife's folks need pretty much round the clock care these days, and it ends up that our 'turn' is the Sat-Sun 'shift'. Just after lunch, the fellow who owns the property across the road, and a piece that the folks' dairy raises hay on, stopped by for a visit. Right likeable fella. The wife's dad has mentioned Joe several times, said he was Forest Service air operations boss for the western states for many years, now is taking it easy, nursing a 150 Cessna back to health and that he 'liked guns and shooting'.....
    Well, Joe made himself a place at the table where we were sharing a pot of coffee, and FIL mentions that I ought to show Joe the 94 Winchester .38-55 rifle that I'd had out to the end of the field and shot that morning. He liked it, mentioned that he sure preferred the work that they put into the early guns, and made casual mention of living in Salmon, and traveling, hunting, and sharing yarns with Elmer Keith.
    My circle of friends don't generally include anyone with first-hand knowledge of 'legendary' type folks. This guy left me with my side hurting from laughing so much. I bout lost it when he mentioned that he snuck a .270 out and shot it off Elmer's bench, considering that the rumors about his distaste for the small bores, and O'Connor were actually true!
    I darned near blew coffee out my nose when he told about hauling a big cow elk down off a ridge with another guy, had ropes on her neck, and one on either side gently pulling and guiding her down the hill, 'travois' style, when they started down a steep spot, and the cow shot between them, and he couldn't get his hand outta the rope, and ended up being drug downhill about a hundred yards, only stopping when the cow's carcass hit a tree. Worst thing, he mentioned, was that he lost 12 silver dollars and a pocket knife on the trip through the brush and rocks!
    Right nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. Hope he comes back for more visits, I could get to like this fella a LOT!

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    Neat story man. I suspect Joe enjoyed telling as much as you enjoyed hearing. I would make a point of sharing some coffee with him on a fairly regular basis. Not many folks like that around these days.
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    Default Trophy collections...

    About ten years ago I stopped in a sporting goods store in Boise and was fortunate to see one entire wall was a collection of Elmer Keith's trophies, that was neat I spent about an hour looking at that. Use to be at the U of I in Moscow they had an entire floor of O'connor's trophies, very impressive. Darreld thats neat you got to talk to a fellow that knew them. Better start brewing up another pot

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    Even though Elmer wore about a size 5 1/2 boot there have proved hard to fill


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