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Thread: Hatcher Pass public use area re-structure?

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    Default Hatcher Pass public use area re-structure?

    Just read on CL that they are proposing further snowmobile restrictions in the Hatcher Pass area. Anyone know more and have additional info?

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    This notice was discovered (THIS MORNING )at Turners Corner/Hatcher Pass Grocery on March 22, 2009.
    The Hatcher Pass Management Plan is now being revised.

    Already proposals to further restrict snowmaching in Hatcher Pass have come forward. If you want to protect your right in Hatcher Pass you must get involved. Two meetings are scheduled to discuss motorized use:
    First on 03/23/09 in Wasilla at the first station at Palmer- Wasilla & Seward Meridian. (Elementary school is behind it!)
    Second on 03/21/09 in Anchorage at the Atwood Building.
    These meetings will be from 6.30p 8.30p

    Philanana Jarvis at Dept. of Natural Resources, 550th W. 7th Ave. Suite 1400, Anchorage Alaska 99501 or email her at

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    Chiselers. That's all they are. They chisel their way through their careers. Guys from Anchorage, Palmer and Wasilla will be put out, that's for sure.
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    Just sent in my opinion. Guy's get on board, do let them take away any more than they already have.

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    I just sent my comment in as well. Let them know that once they tie up the state for the hiker crowd, there will be no more money to support their (DNR) existence any more. Hikers don't pay registration fees.

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    hmm. Figured there would be more interest here.

    Copied from CL.

    I just came back from the "non motorized "meeting tonight, and they did not like seeing me there, and they are very organized, 50 plus people in attendance looking for what they call equallity, and more closures, when in fact the whole area is open to non motorized and only portions are closed to motorized, so when you send comments, they should reflect that wan to see equallity in as much as how ever many acres are closed to motorized, you would like to see the same number of acres closed to Non Motorized,with signage that says, THIS AREA CLOSED TO NON-MOTORIZED. just to be fair, and the part about equal user fees is a must when giving feedback to the plan, Every user needs to pay their way in the parks, You must comment on the plan, thats all, the numbers count, and if their are no motorized numbers, kiss Hatchers GOODBYE... Please go to and comment on how you would like to see Hatchers Pass Managed., This is just the beginning, with the end in September{hunting season of course} So tell all your neighbors to comment. If you know anyone currently in A.S.S.A. please tell them to get invlolved in this, as the next meetings are in ANCHORAGE..Go to both, it will scare you....
    Upcoming Public Meetings:

    DMLW and DPOR have scheduled workshop discussions with representative of interested user groups on recreational uses that occur within the management area. These are to occur in both in Anchorage and Wasilla. The focus of the discussions will be on motorized and non-motorized uses of the area. General public meetings will occur in both Wasilla and Anchorage in late April and early May 2009, but have not yet been scheduled.

    Discussion workshops for Motorized User Groups are scheduled for:

    City Date Time Location

    Anchorage 03/31/2009 6:30 8:30 PM Robert B. Atwood Building, Suite 240
    550 West. 7th Avenue

    Discussion workshops for Non - Motorized User Groups are scheduled for:

    City Date Time Location

    Anchorage 04/01/2009 6:30 8:30 PM Robert B. Atwood Building, Suite 240
    550 West. 7th Avenue

    Thanks Again

    Wes Hamrick- Past President A.S.S.A.

    The guy they love to hate


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