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Thread: AA2495 vs. 4895

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    Default AA2495 vs. 4895

    I recently came across some AA 2495, which I have no experience with. So far, the only loads I've done for my 30-06 (bolt) and my friend's .308 (gas) is with IMR4895. The gist I get on the internets is that 2495 is basically Accurate's version of 4895. Are they pretty much interchangeable? The variety of load data for 2495 is pretty lacking.


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    I doubt very much that they are interchangeable, even H4895 and IMR 4895 are not interchangeable but I think they are as close as two powders get being swappable. I don't know anything about AA2495 but that it shows a bit slower on the charts than both IMR-4895 and H4895. So all I can offer there is look for more AA load data before you start loading it.
    What little data I have shows a 308 150gr bullet using:
    37.2gr to 44gr of H4895
    37.7gr to 46.4gr of IMR-4895
    41.4gr to 46gr of AA2495

    So you see they are all in the ballpark but all have different numbers so find good data if you can.



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