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Thread: Outboard Jet maintenance

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    Default Outboard Jet maintenance

    Just wondering what you all do for maintenance? Today i sharpened the impeller and shimmed it also. I am curious to see if i get a power increase. I also do the standard grease in the jet to. Thanks for the help.


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    That's about all that can be done. I bend the fins straight so it doesn't stuck as many rocks also. I try to maintain it at the end of each season, that way I'm ready to pull out the boat and go when the water opens up.

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    That's what I usually do.

    This spring, I will install a brand new impellor, wear ring, and grates/fins. They were so far gone that I've been suffering power on the river.

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    Default What I do.

    Here is what I do. I pull the whole jet housing and inspect/replace, as needed, the water pump impeller and housing. The rivers we run are very silty and the erosion to the impeller housing is shocking. I then inspect the main impeller and liner. I always have a spare liner, so if it is bad I will replace it. My stainless impeller could probably use a tune up with a file. I then reinstall everthing, shimming as needed. At this same time I inspect the cables, rod ends, etc. I will then go through my spare parts. I like to carry a spare shaft key, shim stack, nut and lock washer along with an intake foot, liner and stud kit. Then on to the powerhead, steering and the rest of the boat.


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