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Thread: Wolf-killing in Tok area is suspended

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    Default Wolf-killing in Tok area is suspended

    Dang that was quick

    Wolf-killing in Tok area is suspended

    TEMPORARY HALT: State says lack of snow, money main reason.

    The Associated Press

    Published: March 20th, 2009 08:29 PM
    Last Modified: March 21st, 2009 03:55 AM

    FAIRBANKS -- The predator control program in which wolves were killed from shooters in helicopters has been temporarily halted in the game area near Tok, state game officials said


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    Default Expensive

    At the current rate of $1250 per wolf killed the state will have to come up with more cash to shoot the required quota. My numbers show there budget about $25,ooo bucks short at the current average.
    There must be a secret stash of wolves somewhere, as the state couldn't have miscounted, HUH, Surely they wouldn't skew the numbers.
    I'll bet that Bushrat has stashed'em in amongst his sled dogs; camoflaged in plain sight.
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    Not suspended any more, the judge threw the lawsuit out............looks like the 'coltrain' hauled it away...


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