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Thread: WHA...on second thought

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    Default WHA...on second thought

    Uh, I just visited the WHA website. Check the quote below. I've long thought hunters were their own worst enemies. I'm now 100% sure of it. Sure, let's use a paraplegic ex-Marine wheelchair hunter also to show the necessity of high-fenced hunts and make this more palatable. And while we're at it, let's make sure to use sex too...after all who can resist scantily clad WHA girls to cheer(lead) the hunters on. This is the most base, most purely disgusting aspect to come into hunting that I have yet seen. BTW, they've changed the "harvest" format and will now be killing the animals. I guess the darting idea wasn't going over well. You don't friggin' compete to kill or dart animals on a game ranch as part of hunting! But wait; I guess we sorta already do that, eh? Thank you Safari Club for helping to instigate this kind of hunter mindset.

    Thoroughly disgusted,

    A 14-day tournament on the 1,000-acre Lost Arrow Ranch in Gladwin, Mich., turns eight leading outdoor sportsmen from every U.S. region into woodland rivals who will match tactics, techniques and intimidation in an intense competition captured on videotape for viewing as it unfolds. Elite hunters selected for the shoot-out include entrepreneurs, sales executives, a former University of Texas football star, professional hunting guides, a veteran of the Marines and a former Navy SEAL sniper.

    With the first tournament quickly approaching, enthusiasm is mounting. “I’m the only one of these guys trained by the military to bring down targets with stealth and a sharpshooter’s skills,” says Matt (“Hush Dog”) Hussion, the ex-SEAL. “So these boys better get ready to be outclassed.”

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    Default Pulling out no marketing stops...

    just like them to try & stir it up with all the tag lines of a great sales person, including putting in high profile "business men, sport's stars & military"...I wonder how much money this man has to drum up such marketing hoopla & ads all over to promote this type of "business"


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