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Thread: Whittier silvers this weekend (?)

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    Default Whittier silvers this weekend (?)

    I know the threads on silvers in Whittier is getting old, but I've got someone coming up next weekend (Oct. 21) who wants me to take him fishing. It'll need to be bank fishing, and not flyfishing since he's never done that before.

    Any recent word on Whittier silvers? Thanks.

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    Default Who knows . . . .


    I have a friend who swears that "the third week in October" is the time to go. Now, having said that, IF the weather looks promising, I may head down next weekend . . . .

    -- Gambler

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    The Kenai River below Skilak Lake is still pretty hot for Silvers. Of course, having a boat is pretty much a necessity. Many limits were taken this past weekend.


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