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Thread: 120 trigger and marten

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    Default 120 trigger and marten

    I like to wire my 110 for mink. I also spike them for stake placement. I just finished prepping my 110's for the mink side of my line. I am working on my 120's now for marten. I have never trapped marten but plan on using nothing but leaning poles and motor route tubes. I was told this will help limit the number of female catches and also keep catches off the ground . Do my triggers need to be wired also for marten or is it ok to just make the standard y with the trigger. Or is it really that much better to use pans on the 120 instead of the trigger set up?

    I added a pick of a 110 before dye for wire reference.

    Thanks in advance for your helpful tips.
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    You don't have to wire triggers, but if you do, you'll pick up an ermine now and then, and maybe avoid missing a sneaky marten. In my opinion it does'nt hurt.

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    I do not wire, and I don't like pans. For the most part, my trigger position is kind of like a sideways T. I leave one wire straight. Then take the second wire, come down about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way down and bend it close to 90 degrees. I will then slide the trigger to the side so that the straight wire is parallel, and close to the jaw and the bent wire protudes into the opening. Wish I had a picture, but I belive this accomplishes two things. First, it provides a nice opening for the animal to look into. Second, it provides a nice opening for the animal to enter. Typically, the marten or mink will trip the set with it's shoulders, resulting in a perfect suitcase virtually every time.
    You will catch few ermine, but I prefer marten.


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