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Thread: Need help with a Halibut Raffle

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    Admins can move this if its in the wrong place.

    We have some kids that are trying to raise money for a trip to Missouri for a tae-kwon-do tournament. I was looking for a charter who may be able to set up a trip for 2 and let me know what a price would be to buy such a trip. Obviously it would need to be flexible as we will not know when the people would be able to go. I think the sooner we could arrange this it would be better for all involved. If we get the raffle done soon we would be able to arrange for the trip with the charter when they have more open dates. So for all of you charter folks or if you know someone who would be interested by all means let them know. You can PM me and we can discuss the details. Thanks .

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    If you get this going I will add a dozen of the Halibut jigs I make to the raffle.

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