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Thread: and now to a "whats best" tool question??

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    Default and now to a "whats best" tool question??

    hi again... i am looking to buy a GOOD crimper and GOOD wire stripper, the one you would be proud to show your buddies!!.....i do not want to buy another one for the rest of my life!!!(if that is possible??) that can deal with AWG 10 and smaller??.....i have always bought crap and the results show!...anybody point me to the right direction, or tell me what you use for all those wireing jobs?..thanks a million larry

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    Go to Fridgid North on Spenard and get the ratchet devices there. Works well and will last a long time.

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    Wink Best tools----klein the only way

    at the shop we use klein tools. i like the klein kurve strippers that have blue handles and strip #10-18? They are great--the best and made in the USA. They are the tool brand of choice for electricians. As for crimpers--use the kleins again---they'll do #10 and smaller. they make two kinds of pliers--one does your insulated stakons(has round crimp area) and one does your uninsulated stakons(has the divot in crimp area). Get the kleins they are the best. If you are doing bigger wire--get a swager style adjustable crimper--burndy makes a good one but $$$$$. Home depot or AIH should have kleins. Also i have scored some good deals on klein tools on ebay.--watch the shipping though.

    The ratchet works good but is difficult to handle and can and does break easilyb/c it has too many moving parts--just my 2 pesos.
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    Default Moving parts?

    If this is being used on your boat, I would shy away from too many moving parts. Klein is the way to go.
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    After a few years of working on commercial airplane electronics, there are only a couple of strippers and crimpers I'd recommend.

    Strippers - Ideal They support the wire while it is being stripped.

    Crimpers - T&B These are plier style not ratcheting. I and most of the avionics techs I worked with preferred these over the ratcheting style because you develop a feel for how much pressure you are putting on the connectors. This model is for non insulated connectors. I believe they offer a model for insulated though.

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    My tool box is full of different kinds, any more I only use the ones AKmud recomends.

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    I am w/ you on the IDEAL strippers, but I really like Paladin tools for crimping. I have not used them regular terminals but for all of the Comms connectors, CatV, COAX, Molex etc they just seem to work. I see no reason why that would not be true w/ their terminal crimping dies as well. The ratchet style make very repeatable connections which I like.

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    thanks guys!!!...lots of choices! Larry

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    Default crippers

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    I 2nd the Ideal brand for the strippers. Get the model for solid wire and use them on the stranded wire instead. Trust me.
    Klein strippers are ok, I just like the tips on Ideal way better.

    You cant go wrong with Klein for the crimpers. The ones I use have 2 places to crimp and go from like AWG 16 to 8. I solder, deox and heat shrink all DC marine connectors anyway.




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