Leica 10x32 Ultravid BR Blowout Sale

OK, so after we sold thru all of the 8x32 Ultravid BR's this afternoon we were contacted and asked if we could come up with a great deal on the Leica 10x32 Ultravid BR. Not being one to not try, we did, and we managed to make it happen.

New Leica 10x32 Ultravid BR with the Leica Lifetime Passport Warranty for $939.99

These too are in limited quantities so if you are interested please call and speak to Doug or Neil to place an order. I just notified our web builder to change the price on our site, however, he may not get to it before we are again, sold out.

If we can answer anything for you please give us a call, PM or e-mail.
Thank you for the continued support.