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    Default .410 question

    I was out at the range a few years ago and saw a guy with a .410 revolver. I have seen the single shot pistols but have been looking for this revolver. I don't remember the make or model though. Dose anyone have any ideas?

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    Default The Judge

    It is called the Judge. I think it is a Taurus. They make a 2 1/2 inch and a 3 inch chamber/cylinder length for the .410 shells. The 2.5 inch chamber with a 3inch barrel are realtively easy to come by. Had one at sportmans not long ago, don't know now. The 3 inch chamber/cylinder is very hard to find and is one of the guns the obama admin has on their no-no list. So if interested better get it before it is possibily too late.

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    Default .410 revolver

    Taurus .45/.410 revolver was introduced in 2007.


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