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Thread: What is your "go to" gun?

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    Question What is your "go to" gun?

    Here is one for all of us. If you were to leave tomorrow, for a last minute hunting trip, (big game, general) what gun would grab? There always seems to be a lot of discussion about what caliber is best and what bullets, scopes etc. etc. etc. Lets simplify it.

    What ONE gun would you grab?
    How is it equipped?
    What bullets would you use?
    What have YOU harvested with that ONE gun?

    So there you have it. What is your ol' trusty -- Your "GO TO" Gun???

    .375 H&H
    Interarms Whitworth
    Teflon coated
    Leupold VX-II 3x9x40mm (matte)
    Barrel cut to 20in. (with muzzle brake removed)
    270 gr. Swift A-Frames (handloads)

    8x moose
    1x blackie
    2x wolves
    1x coyote

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    Big Lake


    .416 rem mag
    Ultra Light arms...minus scope its 6.25lbs with scope and rings 7.2lbs
    leuy 2.5-8 VXIII or luey 1.5-5 VariX III (quick detach rings)
    350 grain trippple shocks
    22" barrel with iron/peep system
    13" LOP
    Gun shoulders like it means it...
    Only had this one since may so its only been in two grizz and a couple blackies so far....i'm a guide. clients shot pretty good this year by themselves.

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    I only have an use one rifle for all my big game hunting in Alaska, and it's a stainless Ruger M77 MK-II in .338WM. I replaced the stock with a Hogue Rubber-Overmolded one, and the scope is a matte Leupold Vary-X III 2.5-8x.

    Since I hunt moose in bear country, I use tough bullets from 225 to 250 grains for hunting, but take along a few 275 grainers.

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    Valley trash.....and proud of it.


    Mine is also a 338. I picked up a savage 111 about 8 years ago. its spray painted (finished by Krylon), has an old weaver K-4 and the synthetic stock is well worn. but its a tack driver with 225gr X's. Out of all my rifles, I know this one will not let me down as long as I do my part.

    Only taken about a dozen caribou and a blackie with it.

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    Thumbs up go-to gun

    .338 Model 70 Winchester bought in 1965. Leopold 2x7 Vari-x ll. Rifle was given to me in 1980 from my dad. It's ugly compared to all the new fancy rifles. I even had to put a synthetic stock on because the wood one was taking to much of a beating and starting to show it. It has never let me down, even when some of those listed animals tried to get me first. Old, faithful, accurate, and loyal. Nothing fancy. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple S*****.

    25 Moose
    40 plus Kodiak deer
    4 black bear
    4 Brown bear
    3 wolves
    2 sheep
    several caribou
    1 bison
    2 goats

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    homer, alaska

    Default ruger M77-mkll stainless .338

    old style synthetic stock
    leupold vari-x lll 1.5 x 5
    federal 210 noslers

    black bear

    and a ptarmigan...took his head off at 20 yds.
    Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"

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    Ruger LH stainless with a Lilja barrel in 338 WM bedded into a McMillan stock with a Leupold 2.5 x 8

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    Default Go to gun

    Stainless Classic 338 Win . Mag. Mod. 70 with a 23" tube. NECG iron sights. Lapped bolt lugs and smoothed action, 3 lb. trigger, and 8x40 screw holes for the bases. Ted Blackburn one piece drop floor plate, stocked by Bansners. Aftermarket spring steel extractor. A Leupold 2x5 x 8 by 36 MM sits on it. It can hold 5 rounds chambered. Weight is just shy of 8 lbs. I feed it 250 gr. x bullets. Functions and feeds when I run the bolt, goes bang when I pull the trigger and if I hold the gun steady it puts the bullet where it belongs. I am a big .338 fan since 1975. Brown and black bear, bunch of moose and caribou and a wolf.

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    Well, here's something different....... Since I have no intention what-so-ever of even getting near a big brown bear, My "go to gun" is much more modest. My pick is usually a Marlin in .35 Rem. My usual load is a Buffalo Bore .220gr. at close to 2300 out of my shooter. It just has the stock sights, 'cuz, I can't see much over about 75 yards any way. I don't keep count of the beasties and I only save horns, claws, teeth and such to make stuff.

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    Default go to gun

    Weatherby Ultralite w/ 3x9 Shepherd scope in 338/06.
    1 black bear
    7 caribou

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    Default Winchester Model 70 Stainless Steel Classic Synthetic 26

    Rifle: Winchester Model 70 Stainless Steel Classic Synthetic 26".
    Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum.
    Scope: Redfeild 3X9 40mm Five Star, with Winchester iron sights.
    Scope Mounts & Bases: Leupold QR Medium, two piece bases.
    Bullet: 200 Grain Speer Hotcore.

    Black Bear
    Mule Deer
    Would not be afraid to hunt brown bear with this rig but I have two .375 H&Hís.

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    North pole Alaska


    Remington 700 30-06
    Leupold dot 3x9x40mm
    Leupold bases
    180 grain Interbond for the last couple of years before that I used 165 gamekings
    12+ Moose
    10+ caribou
    1 Griz
    1 Brown bear
    10 black tail deer
    1 mule deer
    1 whitetail
    2 black bear
    I have also let hunters use this rifle and have killed seaveral more grizz and caribou with it
    + small game foxes,Coyotes and whatever else
    I have other rifles bigger and smaller but use the 06 most of the time.
    I have also bought 3 more rifles just like my main gun for my three sons pre 84 06's in the last couple of years now I find out my oldest boy shoots left handed. Anybody got an lefty 06?

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    Default Ruger Mark III '06

    Mine is my Ruger Mark III 30-06 stainless barrle, synthetic stock with a Leopold 4x scope.

    It's taken

    2 moose
    1 elk
    1 goat
    Unknown number of Sitka Blacktails
    2 Columbian blacktails
    around 20 spruce grouse (first hunt with it I took 5 off the same branch)

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    Until a couple months ago it would have been the ol ruger M77 06. Killed lots of moose with it. But now it's the Kimber Montana .325 wsm w/Leupold 2.5-8x36 scope and win. 200gr. accubonds. Only seen one season so far but got my Dall ram, my partner used it to shoot his ram and I got a bull moose. I love this gun so far.
    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again

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    Well, since I only have one real hunting rifle, it would be my Rem model 700 BDL SS in 300 RUM. I have a burris black diamond 4-16x50 scope on it. I would use 180 Barnes TSXs that I loaded up this year.

    I have only killed 2 moose and 1 black bear with it.

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    Default this is an easy one

    I head out with my Ruger Mark II 30.06...never needed anything other than that for big game...or anything else. Always used a 180 grain ballistic (Federal).

    Caribou (
    Bison (3)
    "I hump the wild to take it ALL in.......there is no bag limit on happiness..."

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    I've used my stainless Ruger MKII .338 win.mag.from Alaska to Namibia, it has never let me down. She may look ugly with that old green stock and I have several prettier rifles in the safe, but when push comes to shove, I know she will do whatever it is I ask of her.

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    Default Go to gun...

    My very old wood/blued Rem 721 in 30.06 with a Leupold 3x9x40 vari-x II using Winchester 180gr. silvertips or Remingon 180gr. core-lokt

    Killed -

    6 moose
    3 black bear
    8 caribou
    1 white tail
    1 russian boar
    2 spruce hens (head shots are tough)

    Only ever missed one animal completely - an Arkansas coyote at about 200yds running across a field at mach 2

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....

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    My Ruger Express Rifle in .30-06 with a Zeiss Diavari 2,5-10x50 illuminated reticle, hand loaded 180gr Nosler Patitions or Balistic Tips...

    What I have hunted with (there are not so much more species I could hunt here in Germany):

    wild pigs (did not count them)
    roe deers

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    Eagle River, AK

    Default My choice is....

    I have been in the state 5 years and purchased a .300 win mag in 700 Remington BDL style. I placed a 2x7 Redfield widefield on her, replaced the wood stock for a synthetic B&C and started shooting. Probably would be nice to have a stainless barrell, but I just carry a little oil with me in the field to keep it wiped down. To date she has taken:
    3 Dall Sheep
    3 Caribou
    2 Blacktail
    1 Kodiak Bear
    1 Grizzly Bear


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