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    Just got my new T3 Lite and a new Leupold to top it off. I want to order some Talley lightweight one piece rings for it but was wondering if I should get the low, mid or high. I've owned only a couple of rifles, both Rugers, and they both had the standard Ruger rings and they worked fine for me but when I hold up the Tikka and look down the barrell it feels like I'm looking higher. Maybe the stock is different than the Rugers and it makes the head sit higher. Hopeing someone can offer some advice before I order the wrong ones. Thanks in advance.


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    I usually let the scope clearance decide what ring height I get. The lower for me the better.

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    If you go on the Talley website, they have the heights posted on their chart. Just measure your stock Tikka rings and order the size closest to measurements.

    Like Lanche, I prefer the lowest I can get away with and tend to stick with smaller objective scopes anyway.
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    Thanks for the replies, all sound advice.



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