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Thread: Rifle Ranges?

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    Question Rifle Ranges?

    Anyone know of any ranges in the Fairbanks or North Pole area? I need to shoot my new rifle!!!

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    Default Cushman

    Theres a gravel pit range out on cushman south of Van horn. dont know exactly where it is but a bunch of guys from work go out there all the time. theres also an indoor range on college at the hunter education building.i dont know if they have an outdoor one or not. Give them a call they may know of some more. 452-5837

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    Cushman Range.

    Just follow S. Cushman down past Northland Wood and you'll see a road running to the left with a metal gate. Take the left and the road leads right into the parking lot.

    They have a long range rifle range with steel benches and one end of the firing line that's sheltered. There's also a pistol range next to it. It's an unsupervised public range maintained by FNSB.

    There is also an archery range nearby on the right side.
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