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Thread: Riding in NW Alaska!

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    Wink Riding in NW Alaska!

    I just returned from a 80 mile snowmobile trip up into Noatak National Park and Cape Krusenstern National Monument. Very nice spring conditions with temps right at -10 and almost no wind.

    Animal report! Caribou everywhere! I have never seen this many bou in Cape Krusenstern during the winter. I had a tent camp up there for the past few winters so I have spent many nights camping but never so many animals! They were in bunches of 40-80 and lots of them. Saw the craziest thing and maybe some one can tell me why or what, I came a crossed a pile of sheds? Yes a small pile of fresh sheds. All from mature bulls, no sign of humans, just horns. Very strange. Any ideas?

    The snow is very deep and it will be a very wet break up here with LOTS of run off. We got stuck a few times and in a bunch of timber we were in about 5 feet of the fluffy stuff. Man spring time in the Arctic is great!

    Enjoy boys and keep your stick on the ice!

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    Default No idea on the antlers...

    What kind of sled are you guys riding up there? Just out of curiosity. Sounds like a great trip, Got any pics?

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    Default NW Alaska

    I ride Ski-doos. i stick with 500 fan cooled and the scandis is my ride. 10,000+ miles and works like it is new.

    I will attach some pics and add some in a 2nd message.

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    Default NW Alaska

    More pics

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Awesome pics Walt. Thanks for posting. Wish I was there...
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