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Thread: 17B Moose Hunt

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    Default 17B Moose Hunt

    Myself and a friend are planning on leaving Dillingham in September and running up to the Mulchatna in a boat, to bowhunt for moose. I am looking for any information that may be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Default First off...

    Know your regs...

    you can find them on the AK Dept. of Fish & Game Website...

    you can purchase your license & all applicable tags as well...

    second, know what land your hunting should be able to do a search on lands on this forum & you'll see private, state & federal lands...

    Thirdly, know your gear, what bow are you bringing? Compound, recurve, long bow? What arrows, weight & etc. etc...check the wiki part of this site, & you'll find some helpful information.

    Fourthly, what air services are you using?

    there's a whole list of things that we need to know...before we can answer just a general question about moose hunting up the Mulchatna near Dillingham...

    I'd get a nice fat bear tag if I were you...& look into blackie regs as well...

    oh & bring a pole & some lures, good silver salmon run in Sept. makes fine dining...


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