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Thread: Suction dredging-any ideas?

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    Default Suction dredging-any ideas?

    My partner Joe and I will be returning to Alaska this summer to continue dredging. We spent 3 summers working on private claims in the Brooks range about 50 miles north of Wiseman in 03, 04, and 05. However, now dredging opportunities are getting scarce, as the owner and several other groups are working the claims with iron.
    We are interested in finding a claim to work anywhere with reasonable access, and are willing to work on whatever terms the owner deems reasonable. We have 15 years dredging experience, and come fully equipped with a 5" Proline, a 3" Proline dredge/highbanker combo, good detectors, complete hooka system, dry suits, wet suits, an ATV and Tandem axle trailer, new 4X4 truck and trailer, and all necessary tools and camping gear, ect to be fully self sufficient. We are willing to assist and lend a hand in any current operations, and have good mechanical knowledge and some experience with heavy equipment. We are both in our mid 50's, and can provide any number of references. We will be in the Fairbanks area in late May ready for a June start.
    Please email with any serious offers or ideas, and thanks for your consideration.
    Steve & Joe

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    sent you a pm


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