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    Any suggestions for websites that offer a good selection of fly tying material, at a reasonable cost? Cabelas just doesn't seem to have that much stuff.


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    they have more fly tying stuff in stock than any place i have ever seen. plus they have a great travel section to look at. They are located in Redding California. Prices are reasonable as well. Hope this helps.

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    I use these folks Good selection, good prices and very knowledgeable, especially if you are a spey caster. They are the folks that put on the largest spey clave in the U.S. Just about anything you might ever need. I do buy most things local (3 Rivers, Word Wide and Mountain View), but if they don't have it I mail order from these guys in OR. No matter where you buy though, I have never seen a shop that has everything. I have the most trouble sourcing hooks, beads and just the right shade of rabbit hide! I got the hide problem solved though, I bought 25 white ones from an importer back east. Now I just have to experiment with Rit dye.

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    I like feathercraft for things I can't get here
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    J Stockards sells plenty. Not sure how it compares to other sites, but something worth checking out perhaps.
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    In addition to the ones mentioned:
    If I can find it in Anchorage at Mtn View Sports or Worldwide Anglers that is where I start.

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'll check these places out. I like to buy locally, too. But, sometimes the local shop is out of what I need, or doesn't keep it in stock.

    Thanks again!

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    did you request the cabelas fly fishing cataloge?

    I'll second the fly shop...

    Dan baileys...

    Look on line there is a host of other great ones out there..some do well in one area and poor in others.


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