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    Has anyone used a food dehydrator to do fish?

    I make some killer beef jerky with mine, but was wondering about fish.

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    I just made a batch of salmon jerky using pink salmon. It tastes fine and has a nice consistency, but there's no question using reds is superior in terms of flavor. I should have thawed out a red fillet and stuck it in the batch for comparison. Either species tastes great fresh out of the dehydrator, and red salmon jerky stays good in the fridge for a couple weeks at least. I've got some frozen and need to thaw it out and see if it's still good.

    My recipe is pretty basic: marinate the skinned fish strips in soy sauce with white or brown sugar for a few hours, put them on the drying trays, coat liberally with coarse black pepper, and dry at about 125 degrees for about 6 hours for a batch that has about two pounds of fresh fish.

    I have one of the American Harvest dehydrators that has a thermostat, and it makes a huge difference being able to fine tune the temperature. I think I paid about $50 for it at Wal Mart quite a while ago.


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