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Thread: Kenai Late Run Sockeye... In-River Goal.

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    Default Kenai Late Run Sockeye... In-River Goal.

    I hate to even bring this back to the front burner, but one of the key discussion points that was never resloved in the "Kenai thread that would never die"

    was the accountability for putting enough fish in the river to meet the in-river goal specified in the management plan. (To be clear, I am not referring to the OEG or BEG, simply the number of fish that should be delivered to the sonar counter). The meat of that discussion takes place at about post #493 (Yes 493....that's not a typo! Remember that thread went 16 pages before Brian finally shut'er down!)

    Akkona, commfish, and nerka had differences of opinion about the Comm Fish Division's responsibility to prosecute the net fishery to deliver those fish to the sonar.

    Was this topic ever officially discussed post-season amongst ADFG Comm Fish/Sportfish/BOF for final clarification?

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    Default clear to me

    The regulation states " The Kenai River late run sockeye salmon commercial, sport, and personal use fisheries shall be managed to:...
    achieve inriver goals as established by the board and measured at the Kenai River sonar counter located at river mile 19"

    Both sport fish (personal use and sport fishery) and commercial fisheries division of ADF&G are required to mee the inriver goal. Pretty clear to me. Not sure what the issue is doc?


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