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    Look....please don't laugh too hard, but the only camera I have had since I bought it new is the Minolta Dimage F100. Yes, I know--I'm laughing too

    Sooooooo...I need some good valid advice. As I give that the boot, I need to purchase a new camera that can be tossed in my back pack, handle some of our low light early morning conditions.

    I'm not brand loyal, but if you have had some good raves, or personal successes with a great fishing camera you may want to share that would be great.


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    Pentax W60 would be perfect. I have the older model (W20) and love it. I use it on float trips and carry it in my wader chest pocket. It is 100% waterproof and very tough. Takes great pictures too. Check it out at B&H Photo/Video. Link below.

    Below are a few shots I got with my Pentax W20

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