I just got a call from a young friend of mine who volunteers at the animal shelter. She wants me to help her find homes for two 6 week old Lab ?pups who were being sold on KGB just outside of Wasilla. She bought them for $6. The shelter is packed and the pups would be better at her house for a while. She said the woman said she would kill them if she could not get rid of them. Of course the soft hearted 17 year old took them. The puppy dealer handed out 11 -6 week old pups today. We’ll see those what those 2 look like like later this week.

Before I could even get on here mention it, I see the poster farther down wanting two labs cheap to breed later, no papers necessary. I think that spot on KGB must be a good one to sell puppies. $66 , not bad for an afternoon. Too bad he missed the deal!

Educating people one at a time is not very efficient.