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Thread: Porpoising problems with Thunder Jet Boats

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    Default Porpoising problems with Thunder Jet Boats

    Anyone having problems with their Thunder Jet "Porpoising" on flat or almost flat water really bad? Does anyone know the steps to take to adjust a large jet to prevent this from occuring.... Here is what TJ had on their web site... If you know the answer instead of buy a different brand boat let me know, thanks guys....

    If trimmed "out" too far, the jet may lose its hold on the water. In conventional extruded chine hull designs, the boat may start to "walk" from right to left to right, etc. ("chine walking"), and getting on plane may be difficult or labored. Porpoising may also occur.

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    First off what pump do you have. I have a TJ 22' Stroker 212. With the 212 you can change the angle of the discharge on the noozle. Also with a big cresent wrench you can fine tun the trim by bending the rear lip on the bottom of the boat. It only takes a little to make a big change. When I first got the boat (new) I also had a little problem with the porpoise thing. I bent the rear lip down a very little, no more problem. When you bend this lip make sure it is even. Use a straight edge.
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