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Thread: Nelchina Tier 11 hunt closed??

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    Question Nelchina Tier 11 hunt closed??

    Ok why was this thread closed?

    I read it but donít understand it. How can a resident of a unit 13 native villages get a free crack at bou and moose but a guy who lives in Gulkana can not. Maybe I read it wrong but I see a court challenge coming!

    Just keep any one in the Mat-Sue out and the rest of you guys living in Paxon, Glennallen, and Healy go get them. That should finish this conversation!

    Boy I am so happy that I live in unit 23 (WACH) and we have no hunting problems or controversy!! Haaaaaa.

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    Default thread moved

    this discussion was moved to game management forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by northwestalska View Post
    Ok why was this thread closed?
    To keep the newbie's from seeing the thread? It is too controversial for the novice to understand the dynamics of our society.
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    It was closed because there is already an active thread on it in the management forum. We do our best to merge duplicate and triplicate threads so that folks don't miss part of the discussion. In this case, it's a discussion of management, so it's best discussed in the management forum.


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