I will be picking up a New In The Box Ruger New Super Black Hawk 44mag 5 1/2" Stainless this coming Monday. It is part of a past trade along with giving me some cash to boot for a rifle I had that has now been completed. The guy traded me this New Super Blackhawk while he still had it on lay-a-way at a local gun shop. He has now finished paying for it and I will pick it up as I said Monday. Should be a good carry for me to pack along with my new 358Win Hawkeye and my 30-06 Hawkeye.

My dangerous game load for the Ruger is a 320gr Cast Performance bullet in front of 21grs of H110. My all around load is 240gr Hornady and 250gr Partition, in front of 24.2grs of H110 and a little less for the 250gr Par.