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Thread: Peru in December

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    Default Peru in December

    I posted this in the Out and About - The Outdoors Beyond Alaska forum and did not get any hits. Maybe since more people visit here I will get an answer. Thanks.

    Peru in December
    I will be going to Peru in December for my honeymoon. Does anyone know about the fishing there? I am just starting to do my homework on this issue and wanted to see what is available. It will be Peru, so please no recomendations to hit the awsome fishing that is in other nearby South American countries. We will be hiking the Aztec Trail and visiting Lake Titicaca, other than that we are still trying to make plans. Thanks for the help.
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    There are alot of farmed trout on lake titicaca so I imagine there would be free range ones too.

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    The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? The slower that you travel, the more opportunities you'll have to find fishable places. Cusco is not a fishing area, but traveling to Titicaca from there may show something. One of Hemmingways spots was south of Mancora maybe 25km. You can charter out there. Near shore or offshore.

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    Sorry, but we try to be consistent with keeping posts in the correct forum. I'll leave this here so that folks can find your other post, but it will be a locked thread.


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