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Thread: Jet Ranger in Fairbanks area

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    Default Jet Ranger in Fairbanks area

    I had a guy call me the other day and ask if I knew anyone that had a Jet Ranger ( Jim King Alaska Series) in the Fairbanks area. He would like to take a closer look at one and ask some questions about its performance and how they like or dislike the boat.. If you have one and have a minute to respond, I can pass on the information.
    I told this fellow to come to the forum and become apart of the fun. Hope he does.

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    Default FBKShunter

    FBKShunter has one, he answered alot of my questions before I bought one. They are awesome, they will do things most jet boats will not do. It is great to be able to bounce off boulders and not worry about a thing. But they do not hold enough weight and still perform well. If you are hunting alone in it it is PERFECT though. I wish they made one that was 2 ft longer and would hold a 40hp jet.

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    I sent you a message.


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