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Thread: Grilled Venison Backstrap

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    Default Grilled Venison Backstrap

    This is a marinade for grilled venison backstrap I've been working on. It's something that would be great on any of the tender wild meat cuts. It turns out a little different every time but this is the jist:

    I don't measure anything so you can just use quantities to taste.

    Half a venison backstrap for 4 people

    Olive Oil
    Balsamic Vinegar
    Worchestershire (sp?) sauce
    Red Wine (if you have some)
    Tablespoon of molasses
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    3 or 4 cloves of garlic
    Johnneys seasoning salt
    sea salt
    onion flakes
    cayenne pepper
    chili powder
    Italian seasoning
    Parsley flakes

    Mix everything together and let the backstrap marinade for at least an hour. Baste the meat with marinade while grilling.

    I usually grill this for 40-45 minutes at around 350 degrees for medium rare. Don't overcook!! It's amazing how fast wild meat can go from a succulant meal to dried shoe leather. When cooked right we would much prefer this to top sirloin beef any day.

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    Default Nice!

    I've got a couple goat tenderloins that I will try this marinade on. Thanks, looks freaking delicious!!

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    That's similar to some of my marinades. I usually go with red wine, olive oil, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic, rosemary, paprika or substitute balsamic vinegar for red wine. You grilled the meat perfectly. Too many people overcook game meat and wonder why it tastes bad. Game meat should be medium rare at most. The potatoes and asparagus make that plate look like one of our normal dinners around here.


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