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    Default Mini saw Mills

    Being more on the portable side of milling I thought I would start a new thread rather that cluttering up the other.

    So I've been poking into portable saw mills for working logs at or right around a 12ft length and when checking out Granberg International, I came upon a photo set of this fella, Mike Wood, doing some mill work to build his cabin out on the Su.

    Scroll down about half way for full scoop.

    So has anyone else ventured into using their own mini mill like this? Looks quite economical and the way to go if using local timber at your site. I'm currently lining things up to do a build this summer and would like to put timber to use that I have to clear.

    Rather than burning, I'd like to cover as much interior and exterior finish work and/or outfit with tables, benches railings as I possibly can, saves cost and adds a bit more of a custom personal touch to less materials to haul in.
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    Looks like it works ok, but I would think it would be kind of slow. I was looking into the same thing, but I was thinking of using the 16" MINI-MILL AFFORDABLE LITTLE MILL. Found this one on ebay and sounds like it can be flown in by bush plane if need be.

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    Logosol M7 is another chain saw driven mill, about 160 lbs and can cut a 36"x 16' on the base model.


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