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Thread: Best Stock Option

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    Default Best Stock Option

    what is the best "tactical" stock option for the sks? i've been hearing that a lot of the after market synthetic stocks are garbage and i'm wanting to get some opinions.

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    Default got a synthetic one

    it's a folder, not bad, mostly just for looks, the old stock is just fine in my opinion and if I hadn't purchased the folder at the same time as buying the gun probably wouldn't have. it works, looks good and the conversion is easy as pie.

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    Default My SKS bubba

    I highly recommend the Tapco SKS gear.

    In order to be a legal firearm after a stock alteration, you have to meet a certain number of USA manufactured parts. They have a compliance kit that has the items listed below that will bring you into compliance. In other words, if you want to change the stock, you HAVE to change these other parts or you can go to jail.
    • 1 SKS Gas Piston
    • 1 SKS Operating Rod
    • 1 Black SKS 20rd Magazine
    • 1 SKS Yugo Muzzle Brake
    • 1 Black SKS Fusion Rifle System, Blade Bayonet Cut
    The magazine is second to none for the SKS, I have yet to have a single issue with them. The shape of the magazine is akward for carrying so I leave it in the firearm and still use stripper clips to load it. That way you aren't carrying 10 odd shaped magazines. With this package it is a very effective combat rifle.

    I did a whole bunch of stuff to mine and am getting ready to refinish it with gunkote.
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