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Thread: Hip Wader Slip Ons?

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    Default Hip Wader Slip Ons?

    I watched a couple AK videos where it appeared that guys were slipping on hip waders over their boots? It looked like they were super light weight and easy to use. I was wondering what you guys think of them. I would also be curious of their brand name and approx price? Thanks!

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    i think they are wiggys, cheap too. ive been looking into getting a set for crossing streams and whatnot. they arent tough, but work for what they are intended for.

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    Probably one of these:

    Wiggy's Lightweight Hip Waders

    or Neos overboots

    Wiggy's are really light, slip on and cross. They aren't for hiking around in. The Neos have a tread bottom for hiking.

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    NEOS (new england over shoe company) makes what they call a river trekker.

    Barney's Sports Chalet uses the above boot in camo and calls it a Sour dough slipper.

    Wiggy's has their version.

    And I've seen a version in Cabelas.

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    I have pair that I bought from Barney's for that purpose. The Barney's ones are cut a bit bigger if you are a big guy. They work well for the occasional crossing, but I would not recommend them for swamp use. They really suck off when in the mud. I had to take them off and just duct tape my rain pants to the boots as a makeshift wader. A frustrating moment afield. Just keep in mind what you are using them for.

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    I have been weighing this one out for a while. wet boots suck so it makes good sense to have an option. I know that I will be carrying tyvec tape with me in the field and I could just do the tape/impertech trick but I think for a cross country alpine trip the wiggys make the best sense. Cheapest, lightest, most compact but most fragile. For something I would rarely wear I think the lower durability would be reasonably offset by the obvious bennefits. I don't think any of the above would be a great choice for moose hunting in swamps. The heavier ones wouldn't be a bad idea for the boater that hates to wear waders but may need them for fun jobs like clearing debris from a jet foot.


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