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    Iím intrigued by military-issue softshell pants that I see advertised on ebay and on the web. Specifically, they are referred to as PCU (protective combat uniform) Level 5 softshell trousers (e.g. see the web site for ORC Industries). The pants are often advertised as used by Special Operation Forces. They are available in a color called Alpha Green.

    My questions range from general to specific. They are:

    1) How easy is it to obtain these pants if you are in the military? Are they widely available to anyone, even if youíre not in the Spec Forces? Any idea on what the price to military personnel?

    2) Does anyone have any first-hand experience wearing these pants? If so, how do they rate in both function and quality compared to commercial mountaineering pants, such as Mammut Champ, Sporthill Expedition, Arcteryx Gamma, etc.?

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    never seen them, but then i'm probably not important enough to get them. just camos and gortex for me.

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    If they are the same pants i'm thinking of they are made by Patagonia for the military and are basically patagonia's guide pants in a green color. I've got a couple of pair of guide pants and the lighter weight version called talus pants(no longer made) and they are both bombproof and great wearing.

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