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Thread: Dryad Bows

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    Default Dryad Bows

    Anyone ever buy one of their kits?

    That takedown bamboo backed osage orange is interesting.

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    got there bbo kits...good stuff. Great guys to deal with!

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    I've looked at them before, been curious about them myself. I'm Also curious about Rudder Bows. They make bamboo backed hickory and ash blanks and kits at a lower price as well as some other nice looking kits and bows. I don't like to trust the "customer testimonials" very often and would rather hear from someone that's actually used one of their bows or even better one of their kits.
    Chris Willhoite

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    Well I'm no one..I have delt with dryad direct, even had a problem with two of my bbo blanks, they both cracked due to our dry environment. They sent me new blanks for free no questions asked....helluva pair of guys, easy going and easy to deal with father son team....I do believe a little more here was worth every penny spent. Havent delt with rudder, I'm sure they are fine too.


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