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Thread: Spring Bear hunting/Denali HWY

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    Default Spring Bear hunting/Denali HWY

    I'm thinking about making a drive across the Denali Highway in later April to look for a bear. I have never driven this section of highway. What is it like? I don't have an ATV (yet) so this is most likely going to be a foot/truck hunt. Is it doable? I am a fairly proficient stalker (of animals, of course...) so I think this might be fun. How many days should I plan on hunting? I am thinking of leaving on a Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday night. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks a ton all!

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    Honestly an ATV wouldn't really help you at all in late April. ATVs can usually only start running most trails starting about mid-may some even the first part of june in the shaded higher elevation. Most springs when I lived up in Cantwell for ten years, we were actually able to ride sleds thru the end of april and sometimes into the first part of May. That said the road may be opened by then. However, be aware of grader blade bits on the road from the road opening so have atleast two spares. Went out one spring shortly after the road opening and had 3 flats . But you may catch a grizz relatively close to the road and if willing to spend a LOT of time and energize snowshoeing in the soggy snow you may be able to score a bear. A weekend hunt could be doable certainly if you are in the right place at the right time, but honestly the chances aren't exactly stellar without a sno-go. Go out and have a good time though and you may catch a bear close to the road. The less bears there are the more moose there will be.

    Good Luck

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    Default The last 2 years

    I was up there and went in from Cantwell. I went the 3rd week of April and they road was plowed to around mile 30 or so. Certainly snow machines only, but the snow was getting rotten both times.
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