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Thread: Buying licenses / tags on POW

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    Default Buying licenses / tags on POW

    Are there places to buy hunting licenses / bear tags on POW? How about gear / ammo?


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    Default As long as

    you have a computer you can buy a license online and print it out. They will send you the "hardcopy" in about a week.

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    Log Cabin sporting goods in Craig is packed full of stuff..

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    Default POW or Ketchikan

    Dave is right ... many people anymore just use the online system for license and tags, any more. You just need to take your time and make sure you buy the proper stuff.

    But like 270ti syas there is also several license vendors on POW and also many Guides and Transporter are license vendors.

    As for gear / ammo ... you might call ahead to make sure they have what you want. Many hunters shop at the Tongass Dock store in Ketchikan on the way through.


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