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    Default fairbanks 3-D

    Im new to ther fairbanks area ands was wanting to know if anyone ever puts on any kind of 3-d shoot in or around fairbanks

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    The Eielson group does (far north), I have there contacts on my work computer. Think it's called shattered arrow shoot or broken arrow shoot...can't remember which.

    Golden north archery association does in the summer, both league 3ds and fun shoot 3ds. Speaking of which there banquest should be coming up here soon?

    It's not quite like 3d shoots down south but they are fun.

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    I hear there is one every tues or thurs during the summer... down the road from my place in town... 6.5 mile CHSPR... out by the rissis (?sp) green house ... supposed to be rather fun. check with toms at kings knock. he is the one that told me about it.
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    I'm not sure about the green house name, but the road is Esro's back in about a mile and on your right. There is a 'farm' on your left with some hay fields, first big fields on your way in, take a right. The course is on both the right and left side of the road..go up the hill oh a city block or two and you'll see the gaggle of people on the right.

    That would be golden norths league 3d shoots....


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