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Thread: Trailering info?

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    Default Trailering info?

    I have recently aquired a boat of considerable size. It measures 9 feet 2 inches wide. Who do I contact for info about towing. And what ,in your experiences, do I need to do to be able to tow this boat? Legalities and permits??? Thanks for any info.

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    Contact the department of transportation. They are located in the Huffman Business Park in S. Anchorage. Anything over 8.5' needs the permit, a strobe, and oversize banners on the front of the vehicle as well as the back of the boat. Currently, if the boat is over 10' you will need a pilot car, too. This is set to change this summer. Here is a link to get you started:

    Congrats on the new boat. What kind did you get?
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    Thanks SpoiledOne

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    Default Just did that yesterday

    I have a 9'7" wide boat, googled the DOT website and called the nice lady at DOT and she walked me through the whole thing and in a few minutes, I had a wide-load permit for $250.00. Pretty easy to do. She also said that they have been waiting for the 10'6" rule for a few years now and is not a sure thing that it would be implemented anytime soon.


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