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    Based on the information provided in the last thread I started on the subject I have been keeping my eye open for a motor. I think I found a motor I might be interested in. It is a 1972 18hp evinrude that a local shop has for sale. The went through the engine and replaced/rebuilt everything in need. They want 695 which is definitely in my price range. However, the motor is a short shaft and I am not sure if I need a short shaft or long shaft motor. The boat is an aire leopard with oversized tubes (28" if I remeber well). With the boat fully inflated and on pavement it is just over 24" from the top of the transom/motor mount to the pavement. Does anyone have any idea of if I should be looking for a long or short shaft? Any information would be of help thanks.

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    Take a look here, it may help.

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    An 18 hp motor isn't going to get a Leopard on step, or even close, so the distance from the bottom of the tubes to the top of the transom isn't very important as long as you don't install some sort of planing hull floor between the tubes. What is important is the distance from the top of the transom to the waterline, especially when under power. That needs to be less than 15" for a short shaft. I think you would have to have quite a load on the Leopard to sink it 9 inches into the water. I'd look for a long shaft. They do make shaft extensions, but I doubt it would be economical for you.


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