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    OK put htis on the Knik river section a the other day,but for those of you that used to shoot at Jim creek Maud road the new DNR rules make all target shooting within 1/4 mi of those areas illegal. The legistature has put money into the budget for ranges in that area but those moneys were delited by the Gov. Now I think it is past time the budget was cut but while those moneys were cut the funds to build an indoor archery range in Juneau were left in,got one of those in your town. If any of this makes you upset I urge you to contact the gov office to stop implementing these rules till the new ranges are built. This is DNR and onl;y the Gov has any influnce. our Reps and senators are to pantywaist to do anything. Or even try

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    Thatís BS! Thanks for pointing it out Alex. Iím gonna get on it now!



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