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    Default gunsmithing book

    i like to work on, and tune my own rifles. after attending several armourers schools it became obvious to me that much of the "minor" custom work can easily be handled at home, with simple tools.

    becomming familiar with your rifle (handgun-shotgun) is also helpful to diagnose and correct problems in the field.

    as usual, most of the best lessons learned are through experience, BUT some manuals and handbooks are available to make the job easier. has anyone found a general information book helpful.....and what was it? good advice is always accepted and welcome.

    happy trails.

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    Dunlap's book. It is old but still good. More modern books do a much better job with the pictures and illustrations. JMO. J.

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    I have read hundreds but one stands out as a must have. I learned of it when I was attending the Yavapai Collage gunsmithing program in Prescott Arizona. It was used as a quasi textbook the one semester I was there.

    Gunsmithing Tips & Projects
    Editor: Dave Wolf ~ Copyright 1989
    ISBN# 0-935632-81-6
    Wolf Publishing Company
    6471 Airpark Drive
    Prescott, Arizona 86301
    Editor: Dave Wolf

    The book is a compilation of articles from gunsmith trade magazines and other publications. Has a very wide array of info from some very good and well known gunsmiths. How to bed a rifle, build and use a rust blue box, and other gun projects. What tools you need and how to build a slack belt sander, jigs & fixtures, and even build a bearing steady rest.

    If you are a master gunsmith, a guy that wants to repair the muzzle crown of one rifle, or want one book learn some gun work you should get this book. I have hundreds of books but this one stays next to my reloading books for easy access.


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    It kind of depends what you want in a gunsmithing box. How to fit barrels is a very different area then stock work.

    If you can get them cheap I recomend anything by John Hinnant, for metal work and bluing.

    I do not have any books on more general stuff.

    Also check your local library, most have quite a few books. I think I found the book that ADfields recommends and found it good.


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