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Thread: Happy Valley;FLY OUT BOW HUNT

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    Question Happy Valley;FLY OUT BOW HUNT

    Has anyone ever hunted out of Happy Valley in late August??
    We have a friend in Fairbanks that suggested we could drive up to Happy Valley and get an Air taxi to drop us for a ten day bow hunt.
    he done this hunt about ten years ago and said he had a great time..however as you know alot of things can change in ten years.We know its a long drive,but if its worth it to get to some good hunting ground we are all up to it.
    So if anyones been there and done that I would love to here from you.Once again we are bow hunting.
    By the way, you all have been great and thanks for all the information you have given me.This is a number one forum great people,with great topics and wonderful stories of the outdoors.

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    Default 10 yrs ago it was great

    Now it is the trendy spot to go. Airboats, airboat charters, & air taxis all based there. It is kind of sad how it has been over run but thats the way it goes.
    That said yes, there are a few different air charter services that will drop you for bou & if you get off the river you should have a good chance of sucess. I would go as late in August as you can & you could always hunt the road on the way back.
    If you do a search for Ivisahk & pump station 2 you should be able to read some of the posts from the last couple yrs.
    It will be a fun trip with good scenery as well.
    Have fun

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    Default Happy Valley

    I worked in that area last fall. There were a couple outfits operating out of the Happy Valley runway. Since I was not interested in a fly-out hunt, I did not happen to get names. I suspect the folks that monitor this forum may be able to provide better info.

    From about mid-August, weather was clear and cold first thing in the morning, low 30s, with fog around the river which is right there by the runway. If that is the case, you usually will not be able to fly out until later in the morning, or shortly afternoon. However, if you have 10 day out there, getting delayed by a few hours shouldn't take away from your time in the field.

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    Deltana Outfitters and Alaska Bush Sports off the top of my head....


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