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Thread: Has anyone hunted Naked Island PWS

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    Question Has anyone hunted Naked Island PWS

    I've never hunted Naked Island and I wanted to get someone advice as to where to go for the best chance to find some decent deer. Some parts of the Island or near by Islands my have a better chance of finding good Bucks. I like to be informed when ever possible when I travel in a new hunting area. I'll let you know how it goes in 2 Weeks. You can email me your hot spots if you like and I'll send photos of my outcome. Thanks for any help I can get.

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    I have friends that go there every year. They hunt high and do ok but not great. They don't shoot big bucks but they do get deer.

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    Default just my thoughts

    we were there 3 weeks ago, we saw a total of 3 does for a 24 hour hunt, had a great time, we stayed to low I believe, I would bet the deer stay high, come low at night time, we even heard one in camp at 6am, but the sign/trails/scat was all over the place. Good luck.

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    Default Heavy cover

    I have been there a few times. Be prepared for thick trees and brush. It is not a place for long shots.

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    Default Has anyone hunted Naked Island PWS

    Thanks for your info . I like how you gave the lay out of the land.
    What part is being hunted cabin bay or where, and is it all trees and brush through out the whole Island?
    I would still like to hear more.
    Thanks again
    Tin Man


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