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    I spent the weekend over at Beluga, and the hunting was really slow. Very few northern ducks yet for some reason, Jump shooting the resident ducks was tough too.( High winds) I had a buddy hunt the Kenai river below Skilak, and had the same results with nothing but a few resident ducks.
    The Swans were everywhere In Beluga, and I saw several groups of Sandhill cranes, just no Ducks. whats your story?
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    Smile Ducks!

    Hunted the Hay Flats on monday and finally seen decent numbers. Weather was perfectly miserable for hunting. Alot of wind, some rain, and maybe some sleet. My partner and I managed to take home a mixed bag (11) of teal, wigeon, and mallards. Hitting them at times was interesting with the wind. Fingers crossed things could be heating up?

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    I was out in Beluga this weekend too. We had poor shooting also. We did get a few geese pass shooting but the ducks didn't seem to want to decoy very well hopefully soon.

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    hunting the Kenai flats at the mouth of the river. The same in weather, with the wind, rain although it was a warm storm over the weekend, and i mean warm. reminded me of Calif. weather. Doesn't appear from some reports that anyone is killing anything out there. You might get a few shots in the morning but as it looks, they are not migrating over here. Hunted a 26ft tide all afternoon on sat. Never fired my gun. Saw some flocks but not much and nothing came to the call. had 3 ft of water into the blind.

    Sunday, was a 30' tide and heard someone had to be rescued.


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