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Thread: any 243 reloaders out there?

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    Default any 243 reloaders out there?

    I would like to work out some kind of a deal for some ammo - I dont shoot a lot, just need hunting ammo - paid over 60 bucks a box to have some shipped up here last time, and that is too crazy to do again. looking for two boxes of 85 grain FMJ.


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    Legally, you need a ammo manufactures license to sell reloads. And, then theres the liability issue. But, if you would like to learn to reload and do it yourself, I have everything for 243 and would be happy to teach you or let you use my equiptment if you already know how. I'm located in Chugiak. Buck

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    Default thanks Buck

    I didnt think about those situations- I appreciate the offer, I will keep it in mind while I explore my ammo options. I have never done any reloading but would be interested to learn it. I want to check and see if any of the stores would do custom orders too - ?
    thanks again Buck - I might take you up on your offer yet-


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