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Thread: Want to be an NRA instructor? I will give it a shot!

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    Default Want to be an NRA instructor? I will give it a shot!

    Are there any NRA Training Counselors on this forum who are looking to conduct instructor training courses in the Anchorage area? And if so, what are the particulars, including the number of hours required for competency, place to meet, and associated costs, testing etc.

    Thanks in advance for your information.

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    Default Volunteer Hunter Ed Instructor

    Consider getting certified as a Voluntary Hunter Ed Instructor for AK Dept of Fish and Game. I've been teaching the Basic Hunter Ed course for 3 yrs now and have a great time teaching kids (and adults) the nuts and bolts of firearms safety etc.

    Contact Jerry Soukup or Maggie Lindsay in the Anchorage office and they can give you the details.

    You can also teach Muzzleloading or Archery as well as Hunter Ed.


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    I am interested in any NRA Certification Possible. More so the type that would be applicable to Military / LE. The only Thing i can find is First Steps at the indoor range in Palmer. Any help here would be appreciated.

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    Best guy to speak to is Larry Boyle (NRA Training Counsellor), or his wife Alex. They run Firearms Education and Training and you can get hold of them at
    They run all the basic (first steps etc) and instructor courses.


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