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Thread: Herring in winter?

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    Where do the schools of herring go in the winter? In the summer, I seem to be able to catch as many as I want in front of the canneries here in Kodiak. I have been out fishing quite a bit for the last few weeks, and have tried without much success. I would think that they would stick around where the cannery pipes out there waste, but apparently not the case. Without electronics, do I have a chance? I have a few rods with those piscator herring rigs ready to go.

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    Herring usually get into bigger schools and go deeper in the winter. There isn't much plankton available in the winter so they are not in their summer spots. You would probably need a good fish finder for the winter and even then might have a hard time catching them...I think they get closer to the surface at night so your best bet might be first thing in the morning.


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