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Thread: covering our boats

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    Default covering our boats

    ok so what are we covering our boats with this year. I see a ton of portable car covers , are there and a bit larger to cover boats Rvs ect.I would like to be able to enter my boat with out shrink wrap this winter as need to work on the inside. anyone have info on a nice cover for a moderate boat like 10 high 10 wide 28 long thanks

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    I dont cover mine. I just wax it and make sure it is stored in an area free of leaves. If you do cover it with a tarp make sure it is secured really well because our chinook winds can cause the tarps to whip around on the boat beating them up pretty bad.

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    Default It depends

    it depends on where you are located. I back mine in motor first to a spruce. The spruce has a 5/8" piece of rope cable clamped off about 15 feet high. The rope goes over a 12' spruce pole in front of the trailer and then is winched tight. A 30' x 50' tarp is then placed over the now "A" type frame and tied down along the trailer edge. Even then, with a 30 degree slope on the tarp I have to shake it off every once in a while and snowblow a path around it so I can get to it to do so.


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