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Thread: Help ID mauser action

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    Default Help ID mauser action

    Finally got the Whelen and was hoping that someone could help me identify the make of the receiver.

    The only real mark I could find was a script capitol B with a circle around it.
    The was no marking or crest on top of the receiver where I have seen many times on mauser actions.

    The action is very smooth and tight. It does have the thumb cut out found on the military models. There is a very small mark on the bolt handle but is appears to be a single mark that is not a letter or number.

    This came with a #4 contour 35 Whelen Shilen that I was considering enlarging the chamber on for a little more oomph.
    Any ideas on who made this action?
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    Default Whelen update

    Found one with the same markings for sale on a gun auction site. The seller stated that the rifle was re-branded one by the importer. I expect that it is the case.
    The barrel appears to have 1-12" twist rate. I thought this a little strange as it is a 35 Whelen and most of the barrel makers I found offer the Whelen in 1-14" twist rates. This barrel was supposed to be a Shilen (sp?) and their offering is a 1-14" in the Whelen.
    I have been thinking about a re-chamber job on this to the Nukalpiaq and this barrel would be a prime candidate I think with that twist and the #4 contour should stabalize the 280gr Swift fine.

    Back to the action...
    Don't think I want to go through the trouble to convert to a magnum on this one. I am still looking for a doner magnum action of the commercial FN variety.

    In the mean time I will try out the Whelen rounf and see what I can do with it.
    The 358 Norma should be showing up soon so I will see if that satisfies my 35 thumper fix...all bets are off though.

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    That action looks a lot like a VZ-24...Pretty sure that is what you got.
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    I agree with Idahotrophy; VZ24. Crest may have been ground off or did not have one. Good solid action. Have fun. J.

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    Default Thanks for replies

    Thanks for the replies.
    I must admit I don't know very much about the different variations of the Mauser action. From what I have read the vz24 action is plenty strong enough for an upgrade. I am still waiting to see what the Whelen turns out.
    A awful lot of folks singing its praise. Has to mean something.
    I can't wait to load some rounds and try it out. Just sized/trimmed my lot of brass and purchased a couple of pounds of RL15. At 37.50 /lb that was VERY painful. I feel abused.
    Got a few 250gr Speers and now I need a little time.

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    Finally found a little info on te markings of the action here:

    Looks like a German 1909 action that may have been made under a Brazilian contract. The serial number and 'B' markings are the same.

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    I have a mate here in Oz that loves the .35 Whelan, he stats that the Whelan needs the 1-12 twist to stabilise heavy bullets. He usually knows what he is talking about. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oenpelli View Post
    I have a mate here in Oz that loves the .35 Whelan, he stats that the Whelan needs the 1-12 twist to stabilise heavy bullets. He usually knows what he is talking about. Hope this helps.
    I have smartend' up a bit since I started this thread. I really like the 35 Whelen cartridge and have this thing like the 250g Speer cup-n-cores and a healthy charge of RL-15. puts them into an inch at 100 yds.

    The barrel has 1 turn in 12" rate.
    I picked up a 358009 on a groop buy over at cast boolits and am looking forward to casting a few of those and trying them out.


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