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Thread: What muzzleloader would you buy.

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    Default What muzzleloader would you buy.

    Im thinking about nuy a new Inline ML. Either a Knight KRB7 or T/C's Omega. But can't decide on which one.

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    I'd personally but the Knight, I have a T/C Black Diamond and have never been impressed with it, I used to have a Traditions Buck Hunter that shot just as well. Just my .02cents and probably worth just that.

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    My preference would be for a T/C Omega, but that's just a personal choice. Don't think you can go wrong either way. With the right bullet / powder combo, I'm sure you'd get great accuracy out of either one. If you'll be carrying the gun quite a bit, the Omega is 3/4 lb lighter. Probably not a big difference, but something to consider. T/C offers laminated and thumbhole stocks, not sure the Knight does in the KRB models.

    I don't think I'd like the T/C Black Diamond either, just not a fan of in-lines with that ignition system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akmike30 View Post
    Im thinking about nuy a new Inline ML. Either a Knight KRB7 or T/C's Omega. But can't decide on which one.
    I personally wouldn't buy another inline for Alaska, unless I was planning to use it rather than a centerfire during the regular rifle season. You can't use scopes during the special muzzleloader seasons, so at the very least your inline is going to have to have open sights. And within the effective range of open sights, traditional rifles are just as accurate and powerful as the inlines.

    I'm not putting down inlines, because I have some myself and am well acquainted with their capabilities. But they're not nearly as versatile as the sidelocks, which I use year round. And sidelocks with loose powder and balls or bullets I cast myself are a whale of a lot cheaper to shoot than my inlines with pellets, jacketed bullets and sabots.

    Don't get me wrong. Either of those rifles will be fine with open sights, but you're just not going to get much use out if it with a scope unless you're ready to give up your centerfires.


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